Now Play Games Directly on Your Eyeball, Are You Ready?



What’s to come is formally here, women and men of honor.

The administration of South Korea has quite recently endorsed a patent for Samsung’s most recent modern innovative advancement– brilliant contact focal points. Samsung’s patent puts them on a level playing field with tech goliath Google, which has 2 licenses for comparative equipment.


The contact lenses, which will project images directly onto the eye of the user, will be used as augmented reality hardware. The possibilities with this sort of technology are nearly endless. For example, Samsung’s (or Google’s) smart contacts could show you the outdoor temperature when you look outside. When partnered with GPS apps like Google Maps or Waze, these smart contacts could act as a real-life heads up display like you see in videogames like Forza Motorsport.

On top of these day by day utilizes, keen contacts open up a plenty of conceivable outcomes for specialists, people on call, and huge amounts of different experts. Specialists could have “x-beam vision” that would help them with surgery, alongside live essential observing HUD’s. People on call could have data given to them by means of their contacts as circumstances unfold.


Goodness, and keep in mind the gaming conceivable outcomes. Keep in mind Pokemon Go? It was truly cool on telephones, yet envision how astounding it would be in the event that you could see the Pokemon without looking through your telephone. Expanded reality amusements would at long last pick up the support and prominence they’ve been attempting to get for a considerable length of time.

There are no dates yet for when this tech will be accessible to people in general, yet keep an *eye* open for declarations from Google and Samsung.